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Virtual City Market | STORM Clouds Services

Virtual City Market

Supports the local economy and the collaboration among retailers and city authorities

Service Description

Virtual City Market is an application that –on the one hand- provides the possibility to every commercial enterprise located in the city to create its own virtual shop, and –on the other- enables customers to access a variety of retailers using a shared site. In its simplest form the service provides a list of the existing shops located in the city (and their location on a map) as well as their offers. The virtual city market enhances collaboration schemes among retailers offering the opportunity to create open malls and organise the shops per street or district

Service Details

  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL
  • Category: Innovation Economy
  • Technology Supplier: URENIO Reseach
  • Cities: Thessaloniki


Business Directory

Local shops and professionals are presented on city’s map.

Virual Marketplace

Local retailers create and manage their online stores.

Open Malls

Shops can be organised per street or district.

Offers and Promotions

Retailers and Professionals provide special deals and discounts.

User Reviews

Visitors comment and rate the offered products and services.



Provides a map of the local economy

Local shops and professionals can be easily found online.


Provides a New Business Opportunity for Free

Retailers have an additional channel to market their products.


Creates New Collaboration Schemes

Retailers could collaborate by offering combined deals.


Supports New Ways to Attract Customers

Coupons are highly effective sales tools for every type of business.


Creates an Online Marketplace Community

Retailers understand the needs and connect with their customers.

A Community-Driven Marketplace

City Authorities can create a vibrant online community of shoppers and retailers that enables people to browse the shops by category/subcategory, locate them in the city map and discover the best products and services according to their needs.

The online marketplace is a one-stop solution for companies wishing to present their shops and products on the internet. It is a free, highly effective, cost-friendly sales channel that bring a company’s products to large audiences quickly and efficiently.

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A New Sales Channel

Each retailer creates and manages his/her own shop where (s)he can add a description, photos, videos, products pages and links to social media. Retailers make also offers and promotions. Customers are able to post reviews about the shop or the products.

Each online shop is an additional sales channel with established audience of potential customers, providing businesses with unique opportunities for profit and success.

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