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Improve My City | STORM Clouds Services

Improve My City

A platform for managing local issues; from reporting, to administration and analysis

Service Description

The Improve my City application enables the citizens to report non-emergency local problems such as potholes, illegal trash dumping, faulty street lights, broken tiles on sidewalks, and illegal advertising boards. The submitted issues are displayed on the city’s map. Users may add photos and comments. Moreover, they can suggest solutions for improving the environment of their neighbourhood. Through this service the Municipality enables citizens and local actors to take action to improve their neighbourhood.

Service Details

  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL
  • Category: City Governance
  • Technology Supplier: URENIO Reseach
  • Cities: Thessaloniki


Branded Web, Android & iOs Applications

Citizens can report issues from their home using the web version, or while on the street using the mobile app (iOS & Android).

Information Rich Issue Reporting

Citizens can describe an issue using title, description, location, category, image(s) and video.

Comments & Votes

Citizens can post comments or vote for issues that have been submitted by other citizens.

Easy to Use Administration Platform

A fully customisable administration system supports the distributed management of issues by different municipality departments.

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Issues are analysed and visualised using heatmaps, tag-clouds, color codes and pie charts.



Collect Issues via Multiple Channels

The application makes it easy for anyone to report a problem or suggest an improvement to the city’s infrastructure.


Clear View of the City's Problems

Citizens are able to determine the exact location of their issue on the map and provide more details using text, photos and video.


Civic Participation & Engagement

Citizens are informed about the resolution process and can be actively engaged by providing their comments and ratings.


Effective, Distributed Management

The administration effort is splitted across departments as the issues are automatically routed to the responsible officer.


Gaining Insights from Aggregated Visualisation

The Municipalities can assess the performance of different departments, as well as reveal city areas with dissatisfied citizens.

Citizen Engagement Platform

The Improve My City Service gives to the Local Authorities the tools to focus on their community engagement. In particular, citizens can:

  • Report issues from their home using the web version, or while on the street using the mobile app (iOS & Android).
  • Use the city’s a map to determining the exact location of their issue.
  • Select one of the pre-specified categories reflecting the municipality departments.
  • Provide only the information necessary to locate and resolve the issue, such as title, description, location and category.
  • Attach an image on the spot for describing the issue.
  • Post comments or vote for issues that have been submitted by other citizens.

Reported cases then go directly into the city’s work order queue for resolution, and users are informed how quickly the case will be closed. When a case is resolved the person who has submitted the issue is informed.

Easy to Use, Distributed Administration

A fully customisable system, in terms of user rights, number and nature of categories, notification rules and localization settings, empowers Municipality’s personnel during the problem solving process. In particular, the administration back-end:

  • Presents a list of issues with the essential information and a detailed page per issue with the full set of submitted details.
  • Routes the issues automatically not only to the appropriate department but also to the inbox of the responsible officer.
  • Provide feedback to the citizens giving explanations for each specific case.
  • Assign one or more officers per category and split the administration effort across the municipality departments.
  • Monitor the progress and inform citizens by email about the issue’s resolution process.

Discover Degraded Areas

Reveal Hidden Patterns

Issues Distribution

Evaluate the Performance

Evaluate the Workload

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Municipalities gain new city insights through the analysis of citizens’ data. The analytics & reporting module allows municipalities to:

  • Dynamically explore citizens’ data through interactive visualizations by combining temporal filters with free keyword-based search.
  • Discover hidden patterns by observing spatio-temporal tendencies, unexpected periodicities, significant outliers, popular issues and prevailing terms.
  • Aggregate data based on their spatial density or statistical frequency and visualize them using heatmaps, tag-clouds, color codes and pie charts.

Using these tools, Municipalities can identify areas with dissatisfied citizens, under-performing departments due to heavy workload, seasonal burden on city infrastructures, etc.

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