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Adaptation of apps | STORM Clouds Services

Roadmap about migration of public services into the cloud

A step by step roadmap for Public Authorities to help them as they plan, determine effort and budget, select the appropriate services, make the required internal organisational changes and finally execute the migration into cloud.

Adaptation of apps

The applications that have been selected to be migrated to the Cloud may require significant changes to take full advantage of Cloud’ characteristics such as high availability and scalability. In particular, as application instances are ephemeral and can be started, stopped or fail at any time, they must be stateless and share nothing. All persistent data must go to external services (e.g. databases, file storage, message queues, caches). Applications should be re-architected in order to take full advantage of the Cloud’s features, especially when: (Headspring, 2014)

  • Hardware cost is substantial. Re-architecting an application for the cloud means access to world-class hardware without needing a world-class budget. Companies are able to pay as they go and avoid the investment required for more hardware.
  • IT staffing levels are low. Moving to the cloud automates a lot of the server and application management, as well as maintenance tasks that would otherwise be performed by in-house IT staff.
  • Geolocation is a requirement. The cost to do geolocation on the cloud is miniscule since many data centres are located in central regions.
  • The application needs to scale for predicted, but infrequent, uptime. The cloud allows systems that have occasional spikes, such as an e-commerce application that sees a lot of activity on Black Friday, to quickly and easily scale servers on demand without an expensive hardware investment or footprint.

Determining the right migration strategy for an application depends on its level of cloud alignment, cloud readiness, potential benefits achieved from migrating, and risks. More about the adaptation of apps can be found here.