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Administration of the cloud | STORM Clouds Services

Roadmap about migration of public services into the cloud

A step by step roadmap for Public Authorities to help them as they plan, determine effort and budget, select the appropriate services, make the required internal organisational changes and finally execute the migration into cloud.

Administration of the cloud

Cloud Computing imposes new concepts and challenges for the role of monitoring and management of the Cloud environment and the smart city applications. The System Administrator no longer needs to provide servers, install software and wire up network devices since all this work is replaced by few clicks and command line calls. Nowadays, most of the daily tasks performed by system administrators are related with the applications.

The Cloud environment should offer both to system administrators and application owners the necessary tools required to manage and maintain the platform and the deployed applications. Using these tools, they can focus on how to optimize the cloud-based application in order to increase cost savings. The “pay for what you use” approach of the Cloud, leads application owners to strive to optimize the system whatever possible. Even a small optimization might result in thousands of euros of savings.