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Body of Knowledge | STORM Clouds Services

Body of Knowledge about the migration of public services into the Cloud

Modern Cloud for a Modern Government

Public sector organizations are increasingly driven to improve operational efficiency, share information, and integrate processes across operational and jurisdictional boundaries while maintaining control and reducing costs. Recently, cloud computing has captured...

Tips for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

One of the most intriguing aspects of the cloud is the freedom it brings. The lack of term or volume commitments, the pay as you go pricing, and the ease of entry and exit appear to grant a license to behave impulsively. Like a 60’s commune, that image of the cloud...

Secure government collaboration from the cloud

With more collaboration comes more shared data, and it is vital that this data is secured, and available for reading, storing and publishing only by those with explicit authority to do so. Can this level of security be achieved, from the cloud? If so, are there...

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