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Setup a Monitoring and Validation Process | STORM Clouds Services

Best Practice

Setup a Monitoring and Validation Process

The monitoring and validation process, for the successful migration of the selected applications to the Cloud, targets the business aspects of the applications rather than the technological ones. This approach is more holistic as the successful migration in business terms implies the success of the technical one.

The STORM CLOUDS approach

The process consists of three different steps: i) identifying the aspects to monitor and the specific indicators or criteria (depending on the task), ii) information gathering throughout the entire process of cloudification, and iii) analysis of the usage and acceptance of the new applications and/or variations on the usage patterns. The main indicators that usually apply to this process are the following: indicators monitoring the supply side of the service, indicators monitoring the demand side of the service, indicators related to dissemination, indicators related to validation of the service and, finally, indicators showing the financial benefits of migrating an application to the cloud.

As an example, the following two figures present the indicators for “Virtual City Market” and “CloudFunding” applications, which have been cloudified for the Municipality of Thessaloniki. Some of the indicators are common between the two applications, mainly those that are related to the dissemination and validation aspects. On the contrary, the indicators for the supply and demand sides are mainly different as they are tailored to the context of the applications.