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Prioritize Applications that Should Move to the Cloud | STORM Clouds Services

Best Practice

Prioritize Applications that Should Move to the Cloud

As Public Authorities start migrating their applications to the Cloud, it is important to determine which applications fit better into this environment. The best candidates are applications, which take advantage of the elasticity of Cloud Computing. In particular, the following type of applications will benefit from Cloud’s ability to automate the dynamic of resources to match the current demand[[i]]:

  • Applications that are designed to spread their workload across multiple servers.
  • Applications that run occasionally but require significant computing resources when they run.
  • Applications with unpredictable or cyclical usage patterns.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Applications.

For these type of applications, the rapid elasticity combined with the pay-by-usage characteristic of the cloud can lead to significant financial savings.

On the contrary, the following types of applications are less suitable candidates for Public Cloud deployments:

  • Applications that include extremely sensitive data, particularly when there is a regulatory or legal risk involved in any exposure. These applications can benefit from a hybrid deployment model, where application code can reside in a public cloud environment while sensitive information can be deployed in a private cloud infrastructure.
  • Performance-sensitive applications.
  • Applications that require frequent and/or voluminous transactions against an on-premises database that cannot be migrated to a cloud environment.
  • Applications that run on legacy platforms that are typically not supported (or may not be supported in the near future) by the cloud providers.

The STORM CLOUDS approach

All the applications, which have been cloudified in STORM CLOUDS pilot cities, are good candidates for cloudification as they expected to take full advantage of the elasticity of Cloud Computing. In particular, some of them (Virtual City Market, City Branding, Live the City and Public Failure Reporting System) are used initially by a small number of citizens and therefore have low workloads, but it is expected to be used by the majority of city residents and in that case will have high workloads. The remaining applications (CloudFunding, Location Plans and Have your Say) have high workloads and occasionally require significant computing resources (i.e. when new plans are set for discussion, new crowdfunding campaigns are available, etc.).

[i] Migrating Applications to Public Cloud Services: Roadmap for Success, 2013, Cloud Standards Customer Council, viewed November 5, 2015 <http://goo.gl/EGHN8l>