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SecaaS Implementation Guidance, Category 1: Identity and Access Management | STORM Clouds Services

Identity and Access Management (IAM) includes people, processes, and systems that are used to manage access to enterprise resources by assuring that the identity of an entity is verified, then granting the correct level of access based on the protected resource, this assured identity, and other context information.

This guidance discusses the significant business and technical decisions that need to be considered by an organization seeking to implement the IAM component of Security as a Service (SecaaS) as part of the cloud  environment, or an organization that is looking for guidance as to how to assess an IAM offering. This document is intended to assist with the planning, design, implementation and assessment of SecaaS offerings in the area of Identity and Access Management.  It is meant to serve as a source of reference for best practices in the industry today

Cloud Security Alliance (2012). SecaaS Implementation Guidance, Category 1: Identity and Access Management.