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Oracle’s Cloud Solutions for Public Sector | STORM Clouds Services

Public sector organizations are increasingly driven to improve operational efficiency, share information, and integrate processes across operational and jurisdictional boundaries while maintaining control over costs. Recently, cloud computing has captured significant attention as both a business and computing model that enables public sector organizations to achieve these daunting objectives.

Despite some early market confusion regarding the exact nature of cloud computing, public sector customers and vendors have rallied around the standard taxonomy defined by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  This structure has enabled industry analysts to measure cloud computing trends.  From its humble beginnings, adoption and use of cloud computing is now growing at a compound annual growth rate of 26%. Further, cloud computing is expected to account for roughly 20% of the overall global IT market, excluding IT services and client devices, by 2015.  Public sector organizations are already at the forefront of this trend.  In fact, many major government IT organizations around the world, including the U.S., Canadian, U.K., Japanese, Australian, and South Korean national governments, have already defined their cloud strategy and determined to run centralized government clouds, leveraging public clouds where appropriate.

This paper outlines Oracle’s cloud computing strategies, solutions and services for public sector customers and partners, and articulates Oracle’s value proposition and key differentiators.

Oracle White Paper (2012). Oracle’s Cloud Solutions for Public Sector.