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Irish Public Sector Cloud Computing Strategy | STORM Clouds Services

ICT and cloud computing has been highlighted as key target areas within the Programme for Government, set out by the current coalition Government

“We will make Ireland a leader in the emerging I.T. market of cloud computing by promoting greater use of cloud computing in the public sector, organizing existing State 1 See: http://ictprocurement.gov.ie/supports for cloud computing into a package to promote Ireland as a progressive place for I.T. investment, establishing an expert group to address new security and privacy issues arising from the use of cloud computing and reviewing the adequacy of current legislation and identify what steps need to be taken to ensure a supportive regulatory environment”. 

Against this backdrop, CMOD has published a number of policy documents in the ICT area, which set out strategies to enable the delivery of improved public services. The second of these documents, entitled Supporting Public Sector Reform: Cloud Computing Strategy (the “Strategy”), locates cloud technology at the core of eGovernment. This article discusses Government strategy in the cloud computing area. This article is the second in a three-part series assessing aspects of public sector reform.  The first discussed public sector outsourcing and the final article will discuss public sector shared services.

Pearse R. (2013). Irish Public Sector Cloud Computing Strategy. Arthur COX.