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Hybrid Cloud: a catalyst to driving efficiencies and meeting the digital aspirations of the UK public sector | STORM Clouds Services

It’s of little surprise then to see such high levels of public cloud adoption amongst Line of Businesses (LOB) in UK public sector organisation. Findings from a study from EMC, VCE and VMware show that 85 percent are using some form of public cloud services, whether validated by IT or not. When asked what these public cloud services deployments were used for over a third (36 percent) cited it was used for back-up and recovery services, closely followed by hosting internal applications (35 percent).

Yet against this backdrop, UK public sector organisations face a growing maze of regulations and legislation that both dictate the government structures in which they operate and establish data and privacy practices they must follow. This is putting IT in unfamiliar territory; striving to meet the expectations and needs of a generation of citizens that were not traditionally part of the job.

It’s here where IT can serve as the necessary connective tissue: identifying, vetting and using technology in ways that transform business processes and support each department’s aspirations to be digitally-led.

So what should IT departments do to ensure their organisations can benefit from the scalability and efficiency of the public cloud, without risking security issues? The answer lies in a hybrid cloud approach, where the affordability, ease-of-use and scale of public cloud can be achieved, without compromising safety and compliance regulations, as business-critical applications remain in-house.

As public sector organisations across the UK strive to meet the Digital by Default standard (providing better services for millions of users), there is a growing need to have the capacity and technical flexibility to update and improve the service being delivered to citizens on a very frequent basis. Hybrid cloud can facilitate this. It allows IT to set up, test, deploy and take down applications without building any new infrastructure.

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