Digital preservation is a significant issue for almost all public archives. There is an increasing demand for storage of both born-digital archives and digitized material, and an expectation that public access to this content will continue to expand. At the same time the UK Government’s recent adoption of a ‘Cloud First’ policy for public sector IT procurement is mandated to central government and strongly recommended to the wider public sector to achieve better value for money in IT services and data storage.

This Guidance is focused on the cloud and its potential role in archival storage. It aims to help public archives in the UK develop an understanding of cloud storage and its potential contribution to their digital preservation activities, and to provide a balanced overview allowing archives to understand potential benefits and risks involved and the range of options available (including not using cloud if it does not meet your requirements).

Beagrie, N., Charlesworth, A., and Miller, P. (2014). How Cloud Storage can address the needs of public archives in the UK. Charles Beagrie Ltd.