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Factors Influencing Cloud Computing Adoption in the Public Sector: An Empirical Analysis | STORM Clouds Services

Cloud computing is one of the latest Information Technology innovation phenomena that has  risen from  the  idea  of  sharing,  consolidating, and  standardizing  of  resources  in  a  centralized infrastructure  and facility.  This  concept  offers  many  advantages  such  as  cost  reduction  in  both hardware  and  software  investment  for  organizations.  Despite  these  advantages,  cloud computing adoption  among  organizations  is  relatively  slow with  allow  adoption rate.  As  such,  this  study attempts to  bridge  the  gap  by  offering  insight into possible  factors  that  could  influence  such adoption  decisions.  By  integrating  the  Diffusion  of  Innovation  Theory  (DOI)  and  IT  personnel characteristics, a conceptual model is developed and tested as a preliminary study to determine the influencing  factors of cloud  computing  adoption  by the Malaysian  public  sector  to  enhance its service  delivery.  The  results revealed  that  relative  advantage,  compatibility, and  IT  personnel knowledge are the  innovation  attributes  and the human  factor  for  cloud  computing  adoption  in  the Malaysian  public  sector.  This  study contributes to the  knowledge  domain  of  cloud  computing adoption literature on theories of IT adoption particularly in the public sector.

Sallehudin, H., Razak, R. C., & Ismail, M. (2015). Factors influencing cloud computing adoption in the public sector: an empirical analysis. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business3(1), 30-45.