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Eight best practices for public sector cloud adoption | STORM Clouds Services

Federal agencies are increasingly turning to cloud technologies to address their software and infrastructure needs, and they are also launching new applications using agile software methods, cloud-based platforms, and containers. Among government agencies:

  • 93% run applications on or are experimenting with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
  • 72% expect to use Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in their organizations within the next five years.
  • 93% expect to make new investments in DevOps technologies within the next two years.
  • 71% are using or anticipate using containers for cloud applications.

Federal agencies that want the resource efficiencies, scalability, automation, self-provisioning, and agile development capabilities of the cloud should use an open hybrid cloud approach. This aggregates on-premise data centers and cloud-hosted environments with unified, self-service management that supports continuous innovation and improves service delivery. With a seamless architecture, open hybrid cloud models deliver improved flexibility and innovation compared to traditional public cloud or on-premise data center options.

RedHat (2016). Eight best practices for public sector cloud adoption.