This White Paper is the result of an SATW-sponsored workshop conducted in April 2012 by the ICT topical platform to better understand the opportunities of Cloud Computing for Switzerland, specifically in the education and public sector arenas. We aim to inform the appropriate decision and policy makers to ensure a timely implementation of the recommendations pro-posed herein.

After defining what cloud computing is and describing its many advantages, this white paper presents various examples of successful cloud computing implementations from such diverse fields as education, public administration, business, and industry. All these projects have in common that the cloud solutions resulted in appreciable cost savings and provided better scalability than traditional IT implementations.

The white paper concludes with the recommendation to create a Swiss community cloud for education and research. Such a cloud will not only help advance cloud computing research, but al-so can be a first step towards addressing the above challenges. Its main use, however, will be that it will provide the stakeholders and players in Switzerland’s education and research with a unique environment throughout their educational and professional life.

Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (2013). Cloud Computing: A discussion paper from the Topical Platform ICT of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW)